Rockende Fledermäuse

Meat Loaf

Marvin/Michael Lee Aday

1977 Bat out of Hell
1981 Dead Ringer
Midnight at the Lost and Found

1984 Bad Attitude
1984 Hits Out Of Hell
1986 Blind before I stop
1987 Live at Wembley

1993 Bat out of Hell II – Back into Hell
1995 Welcome to the Neighbourhood [Collectors Edition]
1999 VH1 Storytellers

2003 I couldn’t have said it better
2004 Bat out of Hell Live [Digipack + DVD]

2006 Bat out of Hell III – The Monster is loose
2006 It’s all coming back to me now [Maxi]

2007 3 Bats Live

2010 Hang cool Teddy Bear [2-CD Deluxe Edition]
2011 Hell in a Handbasket

2012 Guilty Pleasure Tour – Live from Sydney, Australia
2016 Braver than we are
[Bonus Edition]


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