Avantasia – 25.04.2013 Oberhausen

The Mystery World Tour 2013

The Mystery of Time
Die Sänger
Tobias Sammet
Michael Kiske
Bob Catley
Ronnie Atkins
Eric Martin
Thomas Rettke 
Amanda Somerville
Die Band
Sascha Paeth Gitarre
Oliver Hartmann Gitarre
Andre Neygenfind Bass
Felix Bohnke Schlagzeug
Michael ‘Miro’ Rodenberg Keyboards

Die Setlist

Also Sprach Zarathustra
Invoke the Machine
Black Orchid
Reach out for the Light
Breaking away
The Story ain’t over
The Great Mystery
Scales of Justice
What’s left of me
Promised Land
The Scarecrow
Shelter from the Rain
In Quest for
The Wicked Symphony
Lost in Space
Savior in the Clockwork
Twisted Mind
Dying for an Angel
The Seven Angels
Sign of the Cross

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