LORDI – 11.10.2016 Aschaffenburg

European Monstour 2016

Bericht: Aschaffenburger Dämonarchie
Mr. Lordi Gesang
Amen Gitarre
Ox Bass
Mana Schlagzeug
Hella Keyboard
Skeletor Heads
Anthems of the Phantoms
Let’s go, slaughter He-Man (I wanna be the Beast-Man in the Masters of the Universe)
Babez for Breakfast
The Riff
Solo Ox
Bite like a Bulldog
Hellbender Turbulence
Icon of Dominance
Hug you hardcore
It snows in Hell
Children of the Night
Solo Hella
Cadaver Lover
Down with the Devil
Blood Red Sandman
Solo Amen
Hard Rock Hallelujah
Sincerley with Love
Happy Birthday Fuckface aka. Johann
Devil is a Loser
Who’s your Daddy
Would you love a Monsterman

Scarctic Circle Gathering