Ist das der Weg nach Valhalla

Manowar, Manowar

Joey DeMaio, Eric Adams, E.V. Martel, Anders Johansson

Karl Logan [-2018], Donnie Hamzi [-2017]
Ross Friedman [-1988], Carl Canedy [-1981], Kenny Earl Edwards, David Shankle, Scott Colombus

1982 Battle Hymns
1983 Into Glory Ride
1984 Hail to England

1984 The Sign of the Hammer
1987 Fighting the World
1988 Kings of Metal

1992 The Triumph of Steel
1994 The Hell of Steel
1996 Courage [Maxi]

1996 Louder than Hell
1997 Anthology

1997 Hell on Wheels – Live [2-CD]
1998 Live in Portugal [Maxi]
1999 Hell on Stage – Live [3-CD Limited Edition]

2002 Warriors of the World [Digipack]
2002 Warriors of the World United [Maxi]
2002 Warriors of the World United – Part Two [Maxi]
2002 An American Trilogy [limited Digipack Maxi]

2003 The Dawn of Battle
2003 Warriors of The World / Dawn of Battle Shape
[in case signiert von der Band]

2006 The Sons of Odin EP [Immortal Edition]







2007 Gods of War [limited Steelcase]
2007 Gods of War [limited Edition]
2007 Gods of War Live [Digipack]

2009 Thunder in the Sky EP [2-CD Digipack]

2010 Battle Hymns MMXI
2012 The Lord of Steel
2012 The Lord of Steel [Special Metal Hammer Edition]
2013 The Lord of Steel Live [EP]
2014 Kings of Metal MMXIV

2019 Into Glory Ride [Imperial Edition MMXIX]
2019 Hail to England [Imperial Edition MMXIX]

2019 The Final Battle [EP 1]

2001 Hell on Earth
2002 Fire and Blood – Hell on Earth II
2003 Hell on Earth III

2005 Hell on Earth IV
2007 Magic Circle Festival – Vol. 1
2009 Hell on Earth V


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