LORDI – 11.04.2013

Tour Beast or not to Beast-Tour

Die Monster
Mr. Lordi Gesang
Amen Gitarre
Ox Bass
Mana Schlagzeug
Hella Keyboard
Die Setlist
SCG6 (Intro)
We’re not bad for the Kids (We’re worse)
Bringing back the Balls to Rock
The Riff
Who’s your Daddy?
Blood Red Sandman
Schizo Doll
This is Heavy Metal
Something wicked this way comes
It snows in Hell
Supermonstars (The Anthem of the Phantoms)
I’m the Best
They only come out at Night
Devil is a Loser
Hulking Dynamo
Hard Rock Hallelujah
Sincerely with love
Would you love a Monsterman?

(Reihenfolge unter Vorbehalt)
Scarctic Circle Gathering

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