The Kelly Family – 17.03.2018 Oberhausen

We got Love Tour

Bericht: Patricia, Kathy, Angelo, Jimmy, Joey, John
Die Familie
Patricia Kelly
Gitarre, Keyboard, Trommel
Kathy Kelly Keyboard, Akkordeon
Angelo Kelly Schlagzeug
Jimmy Kelly Bass
Joey Kelly Gitarre
John Kelly Gitarre
Paul Kelly Drehleier. Flöte
I can’t stop the Love
Why Why Why
First Time
Because it’s Love
Come back to me
Red Shoes
No Lies
An Angel
The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond
When I was in Town
Ares Qui
Une Famille c’est une Chanson
Swing Low
When the Boys come into Town
Keep on singing
Father’s Nose
Please don’t go
Fell in Love with an Alien
I can’t help myself
The Wolf
Cover the Road
We got Love
Only our Rivers run free
Dan O’Feefes
Wearting the Green
Who’ll come with me
Good Neighbor
Take my Hand
Brothers & Sisters