Powerwolf – 25.11.2022 Frankfurt

Wolfsnächte 2022

Bericht: Frankfurter Ruderclub
Das Rudel
Attila Dorn
Charles Greywolf Bass, Gitarre
Matthew Greywolf Gitarre
Falk Maria Schlegel Orgel, Keyboard
Roel van Helden
Faster than the Flame
Icense & Iron
Cardinal Sin
Amen & Attack
Dancing with the Dead
Armata Strigoi
Beast of Gévaudan
Demons are a Girls best Friend
Fire and Forgive
Where the wild Wolves have gone
Sainted by the Storm
Army of the Night
Blood for Blood (Faoladh)
Let there be Night
Sanctified with Dynamite
We drink your Blood
Werewolves of Armenia
Metal is Religion