Sabaton – 07.01.2017 Oberhausen

The Last Tour

Manöverkritik: Ja, mir san mit’m Panzer da
The Last Band
Joakim Brodén
Gesang, Sonnenbrille, Bier
Pär Sundström Bass
Chris Rörland Gitarre
Tommy Johansson Gitarre, Keyboard
Hannes Van Dahl Schlagzeug
The Last Songs
Ghost Division

Blood of Bannockburn
Swedish Pagans
Carolus Rex
The Last Stand
Far from the Fame
The Final Solution (acoustic)
Night Witches
Winged Hussars
Gott mit uns
The Lion from the North
The Lost Batallion
Union (Slopes of St. Benedict)
Primo Victoria
To Hell and back
Carolus Rex