Kiefer Sutherland – 09.10.2019 Köln

Reckless and Me Tour 2019

Bericht: KSB rides again
Reckless Cowboys
Kiefer Sutherland Gesang, Gitarre
Phil Parlapiano Orgel, Keyboards, Akkordeeon

??? Gitarre, Gesang
Austin Vallejo Gitarre, Gesang
Joseph DeLe O Bass
Jess Calcaterra Schlagzeug
Reckless Tunes
Rebel Wind

Can’t stay away
Something you love
Reckless and Me
Shirley Jean
Open Road
Faded pair of Blue Jeans
Going Home
Blame it on your Heart
Ways to be wicked
Blue Street
I’ll do anything
This is how it’s down
Run to him
Honey Bee
All she wrote
Down in a Hole
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door