Look what I found in my CD-Ständer

Paul Heaton
[alle signiert von Paul Heaton]

2001 Biscuit Boy aka Crackerman : Fat Chance
2008 The cross eyes Rambler
2008 The cross eyes Rambler [limited Digipack]
2010 Acid Country [Digipack]
2012 The 8th
[CD + DVD]
2018 The Last King of Pop

& Jacqui Abbott
2014 What have we become [Digipack von beiden signiert]
2014 What have we become [Digipack mit persönlichem Cover]

2015 Wisdom, Laughter and Lines [Digipack von beiden signiert]
2017 Crooked Calypso
[Digipack von beiden signiert]

2020 Manchester Calling [Digipack von beiden signiert]
2020 Manchester Calling [Special Edition Digipack]

mit The Housemartins

Paul Heaton, Norman Cook, Stan Cullimore, Hugh Whittaker, Dave Hemingway, Chris Lang, Ted Key

1986 London 0 – Hull 4 [2-CD] [Deluxe Edition Digipack 2009] [signiert von Paul Heaton]
1987 Now that’s what I call quite good

mit The Beautiful South

Paul Heaton, Alison Wheeler, Dave Hemingway, David Rotheray, Sean Welch, David Stead, Damon Butcher Briana Corrigan [-1994], Jacqueline Abbott [-2000]

[alle außer Best-ofs signiert von Paul Heaton]
1989 Welcome to the Beautiful South
1990 Choke
1992 0898

1994 Miaow
1994 Miaow [alternatives Cover]

1995 Carry on up the Charts – Best of

1996 Blue is the Colour
1998 Quench

2000 Paintig it red
2000 Paintig it red [2-CD Limited Edition]
2001 Solid Bronze – Great Hits

2003 Gaze
2004 Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholk Songs
2006 Superbi [Digipack]

2011 Live t the BBC [3-CDs + DVD]

2002 Munch – Our Hits
2006 Live in the Forest

2011 Deutsch Tour
2012 The 8th

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